Hands On Workshops


Have a DSLR that is more of an expensive paperweight than a tool to document your family?

Has your camera been sitting on Auto since the day you opened the box and you're just terrified to even make a single change?

Do you just want better photos, more knowledge, and better consistency when using your DSLR?

Things You'll Learn

  • Learn To See Creatively
  • Find The Light!
  • Practice Your Skills
  • Q & A
  • Explore Your Camera
  • Understand The Exposure Triangle
  • Understand White Balance
  • Learn Simple Rules of Composition

Things You'll Do

  • Practice new skills at the local market
  • Leave with a ton of knowledge & cheat sheets to take home! Plus access to our Moment Seeking Moms group!
  • Learn how to rock your camera
  • Eat yummy snacks
  • make new friends

Where It'll Happen

At The Loft(here)! Conveniently located in the same parking lot as the Salem Farmers Market, where we will practice your new skills!

Only a handful of Moms each month! Purchase your seat before July 5th for the introductory rate!

Join a community of local Moms that are learning to document their story outside of full phones and blurry snapshots. Be the first to learn easy photography tips and fun, hands on workshops!

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Roanoke Moment Seeking Moms is a group made for Moms in the Roanoke Valley that love to document their kiddos and want to share and learn how to beautifully and authentically capture their lives in the day to day.

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