Surely I won't be aging myself... but I remember when cell phones weren't something that everyone toted around. They maybe stayed in cars for emergencies, but that was it.

And if you were out and got a call, you thought the whole world was going to stare at you? You felt a little weird pulling it out...but you did it. 

And who stared at you?

That's right. You don't remember. Because who cares?


Well. That's how you might feel this week. And you know who cares?


This week's theme is going to revolve around that little chore that makes you question your existence.  The one that makes you crouch down, look your tiny tot in the eye, and you wonder if literal smoke might starting pouring from your ears.


Weekly Theme: Shopping


Yup. You can do this.

The tantrum in the potato chip aisle. 

The little torso that barely buckles in the seat, but oh boy, you're going to make it work. That child is not going to roam free.

The sweet glances your toddler gives at every passer by.

The way they grab every.little.thing with obnoxious cartoons and beg to buy it "just this time"

Yup. We're documenting all of that. 

If you have a camera, shove it in your purse and bring it along. Just have a camera phone, bust that baby out. This is their fun and crazy and beautiful as it is.

Find a way to capture your kiddos and your life while out shopping. You can do it!

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