"Beth is both an amazing photographer and person.

She was extremely flexible with scheduling (and rescheduling) and traveled over an hour to my home to spend an afternoon with my family. Her sweet and attentaive disposition made it feel like we were simply walking through our property with a friend - A friend who just happened to take out her camera and take our picture along the way. Her patience with children should be commended. She also was extremely understanding of sensory needs and social interaction deficits that my son has and was still able to engage him to make eye contact, smile and document the heart he has that is sometimes difficult for the rest of the world to see. When I saw the end result, I felt simply that Beth had done exactly what I set out for her to do - she captured my heart on film. I truly hope Beth continues to grow her photography business because my family is young and we have many more years that we'll need her to document.


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"Let's start with the clichéd yet incredibly true facts:

"Let's start with the clichéd yet incredibly true facts: Beth is an amazing photographer! She truly has an eye for detail! Her photos glow and make your breath catch in your throat! And she's so darn kind and friendly! Somehow she managers to create and capture magical moments amid the chaos... and there is plenty of chaos when trying to take pictures of my three kiddos! She found flattering angles to capture my postpartum mom body! She efficiently captured shots of my husband with my newborn son so that my husband could get back to doing man things! And unbelievably got our photos processed and sent to me quicker than I thought possible!"



"Beth is a superstar photographer!

"Beth is a superstar photographer! She captured the birth of our sweet son. The photos are magical - beautiful lighting and colors as a background to all the people and their emotions. These are photos we cherish. And she did it all with professionalism and made us feel very comfortable. I could not be more pleased. Hope to be able to hire her again!"



"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We absolutely adore all the beautiful memories you captured of such a precious, intimate moment in our lives. You had such a quiet presence while managing to get every detail. Your beautiful photography really captures the emotion of each member of our family. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift of photography with our family."



Oh my goodness you are amazing!

Oh my goodness you are amazing! I cannot even describe to you how incredible it is to have these pictures! We have never had any pictures at all of labor and delivery and these just mean so much to me!I was able to watch the video in peace and quiet and look at all the pictures and cry and be so thankful! They are the most amazing pictures I have ever seen in my life! And I never knew how emotional Mark gets a delivery because I am always so consumed with the pain and the baby. So those pictures you took of him are so very special to me! Seriously, I cannot thank you enough. You were absolutely wonderful. Even the nurse mentioned what a great photographer you were because you were quiet and stayed out of their way and very nice. You did a wonderful job in every aspect! Oh I am so thankful you were able to come! Oh sure! And I do think God has really gifted you with a sweet, calm presence and an eye for details that make you the perfect birth photographer! I had no idea how much I would love these photos and how much they would mean to me!



They are just precious.

They are just precious. I have tears in my eyes! You are amazing Beth! My goodness they are precious! I'm just blown away! You are so incredibly creative and talented! You've just blessed me so much getting to see my family captured in such a sweet way.



Beth is truly amazing!


Beth is truly amazing! She captured each of our 5 kids with all their personalities, making them shine!! The heart she puts into it, is unlike any photographer I have known. I think having 4 children of her own, makes her invaluable because she knows how to "capture" the moment!!

She is so easy to work with, flexible, and ready for anything! If you want someone dedicated, kind, talented, and knows what they are doing, then Beth is the photographer for you!! When I saw the pictures my daughter surprised me with (of her and her 4 siblings), and the video montage that Beth created, it brought me to tears!



Incredible work!

Captured such valuable memories for my family! Thank you!