Roanoke Moment Seeking Moms / May Theme


Dear Mom...

I know how it is. 

We spend most days rockin' the mom bun, the (I'm not really sure?) covered clothes, and the dark eyes with too many layers of cover up. We get up way too early and go to bed way too late. And it shows.

But despite waking 3 times last night...our kids are so cheery (sometimes), so animated (sometimes) and so stinking cute (sometimes...). So our phones are LOADED with pictures of them!

But how many pictures are there of us on that phone? How many do we have hanging on our walls? Probably not enough. Sure...the one day we happened to get a shower and feel like a human we manage to take a few selfies and post them on social media! Hey now, you know it's true. But our kids deserve more than a selfie. More than the Sunday hair and forced cheerfulness!

One day...all they'll have is the images of us. They'll have their memories that they'll long to hold on to...but they'll fade over time.

Why not give them the gift of memories? 

The memory of:

  • You cooking their favorite meal...with dishes all around you.
  • You reading the "Everyone Poops" book for the ninety-third time, as you sit surrounded by four piles of laundry that need to be put away.
  • You cuddled up in bed, being awoken by the slobber of your favorite tiny tot.
  • You at the park trying to see who can swing higher!
  • You painting everyone's nails...even when they're going to pick it all off in less than an hour.
  • You doing the things you do every day...regardless of how you look. Or your house looks. 


Because they love you just as you are.



(Note...we're moving from weekly themes to monthly themes. Because let's face it...a week is a whole lot shorter than it used to be. With homework, sports, and 16 different grocery trips...some weeks seem to blur by. I'm lucky if all four kids get a bath each week! Who am I kidding...I'm lucky if I do! So we're going to work on creating an album of images including our theme each month. But don't stop there. Keep seeking the moments you treasure most and capturing them. Before you know it...they'll just be faint memories you wish you could hold again.)

Seek THOSE Moments, Dear Mama.


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