Roanoke Area Photographer Mentoring

I've been mentored, encouraged and blessed by so many in the photography community. Starting your photography business can be so overwhelming. Raw or Jpeg? Manual or Priority? Lightroom or Photoshop?  I'd love to spend some time with you and give a peek into the knowledge I've gained over the last 10+ years of photography.


Studio Chat Hour | $100

You bring your questions and I'll bring a cute new pen & pad with some super yummy treats! Let's chat for over an hour about whatever photography issues are on your mind! Focus, lighting, posing, editing, printing, business, etc. Bring your questions, and let's chat! I'd be happy to offer website & photography reviews, as well.


shoot & learn | $300

Let's 1-1 go on a shoot! We'll both have our cameras, our skillz and a family to document! You'll watch my workflow, ask any questions and we'll chat and learn along the way. Not only that, you'll have some rockin' new images for your portfolio. 


Contact me today and let's get chatting!