lynchburg family photographer

The laughter. Oh, how I pray I never forget the sound of their laughter.

The high pitched voices and the long, whiney tones.

The never ending whaling and the joyous squeals of excitement.

Imagery holds a special place in my heart.

But what if I'm not around one day?

Will they forget my voice? Will they long to hear the sounds that once echoed through our home?

blacksburg photographer



This is my gift & my goal for my children. To document them as they are and us as we are. Just a shadow of once was to cling to when the depth of life causes those memories to fade. Oh, how we hope they'll never fade.

But time has always shown me personally, they always fade.



Project 365

One picture a day for 365 days.


The little signs of little ones.

My Littles....While They're Little

Some films and words from my heart.