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Hey there, Mama!


Do you have a phone full of thousands of pictures of your kiddos?


Do you own a DSLR but still not sure how to best use it for daily life?


Do you want to document all those little details of life that keep fading day after day?


Then you've found your tribe.


This group is made for Moms in the Roanoke Valley that love to document their kiddos and want to share and learn how to beautifully and authentically capture their lives in the day to day. This page is open to ask questions, critique, ideas, challenges, anything of the sort

I don't have to explain it to you. You already know.

You remember the day their knuckle dimples were suddenly gone.

The day they finally said that word clearly for the first time. And you wondered if you'd ever hear it mispronounced again.

The day they smeared peanut butter over the entire counter, the dog and somehow the washing machine.


You think back now of much you wish you had those days again.

Dear, Mama.


Make sure you're capturing their today. Because soon it'll be your yesterday and their "years ago".


The time will come your babies won't quite be babies anymore.

The images you're creating now are the treasures that will one day be priceless.


Seek THOSE Moments, Dear Mama.


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