Feelings From A Fellow Homeschool Mom / Roanoke, VA Photographer

All the feelz ahead...


Some days... I really want to load up my kids on that big yellow bus that stops in front of my house and just get a break.
Some days... I really want to own a tv again. Or even just a tablet.
Some days... I want to toss the brussel sprouts and just sprinkle a bag of doritos on the floor and call it dinner. They eat off there anyways :/
Some days... I want to mail my kids to Grandma Kathy's house across the US for a week (month?) long vacation.
Some days... I'm not sure who's grumpier. Me or them.


So today I decided to be in the pictures with them. I know next year Facebook will remind me of this day and I'll laugh... I'm sure I won't remember what made today so terrible. But I'll be sad at how they're just that much bigger than they are today. And that day I'll be thankful that I get to spend *all* day with my babies. I'll be grateful that I don't have to leave them with anyone else and that I get to take them to the park when we just *need* to get out of the house.


One day I'll miss today...but just not today.

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So Dear Mama...


Hug your baby today. Remember today is only today and tomorrow can be better.


Soon enough...we'll weep with desire of having today again.