Do you remember the first time you held your baby close and just breathed them in?

That smell that you want to remember for as long as you live. It brings the sense of calmness, of relief, of being complete.

You're not the only one. Your baby, your child, they long for the same. When you squeeze them tight, they feel at home. In your arms, they're at peace.

Document your bedtime hugs. Capture a glimpse of your morning breakfast, bed-head and all. Save the memories of pushing them in the swing, even if it's been done a thousand times before. Because soon, Dear Mama, it will no longer be the same. Soon, life will happen and those memories will fade. Adorn your walls of the time that felt it would never end. Because it always ends. Create an album of their favorite activity with you, because it's you that they want, Dear Mama. It's you.


When your hair has changed, their bodies have grown and your heart begins to ache with the thought of what's soon to happen, you will cling to the past. The times of bedtime hugs and morning snuggles, of nap time songs and sweet, baby gurgles, of downtown walks and sprinkler giggles, of babywearing dances and breastfeeding wiggles. 

Those times are so short, Dear Mama. Allow me to create images that you can show your grandchildren one day of a time you held your heart in your hands.'


Lifestyle documentary Sessions include: Maternity, Families, Birthdays and Special Events!

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