You're home now.

You're torso might be smaller, but your heart is a whole lot bigger.

You thought you knew what to expect but now that it's happened, you realize it's never what we expect. It's even better.

It's only been a few days, yet their eyes are already open more today than yesterday.

Their squished face is already starting to relax into the features they'll embrace for the next few years.

You wonder, "Will I remember  this?"

Let me join you in those intimate first two weeks. Let me quietly document your new arrival, your first attempts at breastfeeding, your favorite scrunched toes that you know you'll be kissing for as long as they'll allow. Let me document the small things you may soon forget as your life continues to unfold into the fairy tale you've ever wanted.



~1- 2 hour lifestyle session in your home within two weeks of their birth

~Session planning via email, Skype or phone prior to day

~Documenting your new family, your home, your little's little things

~Sneak Peek within 24 hours

~Meeting in your home, or agreed upon location, within 2-3 weeks to view your gallery

~A $50 credit toward prints



Session fee includes one hour of photography on location, hand editing images and preparation of proofs etc.... 

Prints, Digital files and wall products are available to purchase at a Premier Showing & Ordering Consultation session.

Contact for full pricing guide.




Newborn Session

What is involved with a newborn session?

With Elizabeth Farnsworth Photography, you'll receive something a little different. Your baby will be treated like, well, a baby. You won't look back and remember this short season of life with your newborn propped on a flawless blanket or sitting in unrealistic positions. You'll remember the cradle your grandfather carved. You'll remember  the bed covered in endless blankets where you cuddled all afternoon long. You'll remember the rocking chair where you rocked your little for what seemed like weeks. 

Your newborn session will take place in your home. It will document the beauty of simplicity. My lifestyle newborn session will document the real life of having a newborn. I will find a room or two in your home where we will focus our time. Your session is 1-2 hours where I will document the intimacy of your new bond. If you'd like, we can document breastfeeding, swaddling, snuggling and siblings. The lifestyle session is focused on relationships and connections. This is the time we will capture first family photos all snuggled on the couch or bed with your newest little joy.

How many images will I receive?

I will capture over 75 images that will be individually hand edited.

When should I book you?

As soon as possible! With newborn sessions, it is best to have your baby under two weeks old. Giving us your estimated due date gives the opportunity to leave open a window for your session after your baby arrives.

What should we wear? What about our home?

I've created a Pinterest board with clothing suggestions here. I suggest neutrals and soft tones which are timeless and won't clash with your newborn's delicate skin color.

You just had a baby. No one expects your home to look like a magazine! This is life we're capturing here. Raw. Real. I do suggest any clutter be tucked away for images, though. Especially on table tops, dressers and areas we'll likely include in the images.

Do I receive digitals?

While I do offer digital only packages, the Newborn session includes time and talent of the photographer and a $50 credit toward prints. Print packages began at $150 and a la carte pieces begin at $50.