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I'll send over a contract with my lawyer's mumbo jumbo for you to look over and sign. Then you'll be able to submit payment easily online for your session fee. The session fee covers time & talent of photographer.  You'll pick your favorite package or products a couple weeks after your session at your Reveal & Ordering appointment! I'll send you a fun questionnaire! It'll really help open your eyes to what is important in your TODAY and what you want to make sure is captured. This will get wheels turning as to what sort of session we'll have! After that, we will have a phone call or meet at the studio to plan! I get to learn about your family, your vision, and how I can best serve you! We'll completely get all the details finalized (including clothes, location, time, and how to prepare) and can take a deep breath! 

Start Preparing.


So we're not going to a park for pictures? 

Well, not if it's not part of your story!

Many sessions take place in the home. Why? Because that's your story. That's your children's story. That is where the love of your family roots and grows. In twenty, thirty, forty years...what types of images do you want to cling to? What do you want your children to cherish? The fake smiles in a pretty sunset park? Or Dad making his favorite grilled burgers while everyone plays their favorite game at the table? Or maybe capturing your bedtime rituals that won't last forever. Or painting pictures with Grandma on a Saturday afternoon? My job is to capture the details in the moment, the small things that may seem insignificant today but that will bring tears to your eyes one day. These sessions are comfortable and easy. They're sure to please the not-quite-interested Hubby's and the relaxed environment let's kids be kids without the bribing and frustrations!

But my house is small/dark/cluttered!

I'm a homeschooling mom to four. Trust me. I GET IT. They're like little tornados constantly asking for food. But, Dear Mama, it really is okay. My job is to creatively capture your story....your interactions, your relationships, and your moments...not the toys scattered on the floor or the dishes in the sink. Think of your home as the backdrop. One day your house will be clean. One day there won't be legos scattered on the floors and sippy cups hiding behind couches. And you might actually long for those again (Well, that's what they tell me.) So embrace the moment. 

“The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
But children grow up as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs; Dust go to sleep!
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.”

— Ruth Hulburt Hamilton

But we're boring!

What you find boring, your kids find as life. Capturing the little moments of life is what really matters. The cuddles, the sweet glances, the togetherness of life. That really is what it's all about. We'll plan some of your family's favorite activities, and I pinky promise, you'll be happy you did.


How about props?

A favorite lovey, a special blankey, or other super duper meaningful items can fit into the scene of your session...but besides that, life is full of enough of it's own props.


Then clothing.

Do you want some advice on clothing choices? Check out my Pinterest board with ideas! Here's my biggest tips:

  • Matchy-Matchy is a no-no.

We've moved out of the 90's...and so have our photos. Everyone in white polos and khakis is a thing of the past. Coordinate - Yes!! Match - No!!

  • Put on your fancy pants.

I want to capture your story. And if that means yesterday's nursing bra and yoga pants, and you want that documented to remind your children as teenagers of the horrors of early motherhood, then girl, rock that thing! But if you want to spruce it up a tad, don't be afraid of putting your little man in cutie suspenders and your hubby in that blazer that led to your little man {winkwink}. When you feel confident, you're the most beautiful you.

  • Add Texture...Not Neon!

I know your husbands favorite shirt is that bright orange fishing tee he won last year...but maybe, just maybe, you can coerce him into something different. Neon shirts rock...but not always for photos. Neutrals always photograph best. Adding texture like soft prints, scarves, vests, and other layers really helps soften the image.

Feelin' Shoppy?! 

H&M   -   Matilda Jane   -   Hanna Anderson   -   Lacey Lane   -   Primary   -   Anthropologie   -   Free People

Then it's session day!


The first 10 minutes of a session is time for loved ones to get used to my presence. We chat, we play, kids loving giving me a's super laid back. They get used to my camera being out and a new person in their place! Then it's activity time! From bubbly sink baths to newborn cuddles in bed to walking the dog through the park, we will get down to what we planned! I'll take more of a fly on the wall approach...interacting only when necessary! You guys just do you. No pressure for funny smiles or awkward poses! It's my job to capture the authentic interactions and to bottle up the beauty of your season of life.

This is when I get to share with you the beauty through my lens. You get to see the little moments that you sometimes overlook...the ones that are so fleeting...the ones that make your heart melt. We'll watch a slideshow or film (depending on your session!) at the LOFT and then we'll organize your proof prints in to your favorites! We'll chat about available products and narrow down your order. Once payment is submitted for any goodies, I'll get the orders in! Many products are handmade and one of a kind, so please allow 2-3 weeks for all orders to arrive! Most clients typically invest $700-$1700, depending on their favorite pieces!

Now the fun part. Reveal time.