Birth / Water Membrane Rupture / Roanoke Birth Photographer

As the head started to crown, the water membrane ruptured right toward the doctor. Thankfully wearing eye protection, you can see through the entire series of images, he was not affected very much!

You may have seen the image above floating around after it's gone viral with dozens of different birth blogs and websites.

I've been contacted by many different followers requesting the whole series of this gorgeous birth! The doctor was wonderful as the mother gently pushed her beautiful baby.

The birth staff did not even really acknowledge the burst of fluids in the moment, as it likely isn't as uncommon as we suspect! I would have to assume a rupture of membranes in the doctors face was definitely not a first!

~Roanoke, Virginia



Did you see the black and white image above WON "Best In Category: Delivery" in the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers?


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