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Some families... the line of work and family blends together.

Some families...rise together, learn together, and grow together. 

They teach more than basics. They teach depth and life and soul.

This family's story is full of joy, of sweat, of hard work, of toil, and harvesting. 

Oh, isn't that how all families can be? We work hard. We sweat, we cry, we pull weeds. We hope and wait for the harvest.

The harvest of our children.

That they've grown and bloomed and flourished into better than we ever hoped they'd be.

Parenting is hard. We think babies are impossible...with their sleepless nights and exhausting screams. But then they're toddlers and they're never entertained and always into something. We think, "Once they're older"! Then they're older and little tantrums turn into bigger feelings. And we think "When they're older, they'll understand more"! Then they are older...and we wonder if we'll ever survive this time. But we keep hoping and praying that soon we will harvest.

Sure, we've seen blossoms here and there. And they give us hope.

But the full of harvest. The kind that gives us peace and satisfaction from the days, months, and years of sweat and tears. We know that harvest is in our future and we just continue to press on until that day comes.


And take heart, Dear Mama....your harvest will be bountiful.

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