Roanoke Moment Seeking Moms / On The Move!

Moment Seeking Moms!

We've been sharing and learning together for the last 9 months! 

I am so excited for where we've come and where we're headed!

I've been blessed to learn so much about your families while you've learned and been encouraged to capture your story...just as it is.

Where are we going?

I've been slowly transitioning away from other social media platforms for the last couple years. Taking time to be an intentional parent with the small minutes I'm given as a mom. So as a final effort to step away from other platforms, I'm going to the one that makes the most sense.

We're going to the place that only the pictures matter.

Where you can express yourself through imagery and take a step back from the keyboard warriors and embrace the beauty of the every day.

If you're not over there's time to create an Instagram account.

If you already are there...give me a follow, so I can follow you back. I want to see your story!

What will change?

Here's the dealio:

Monthly themes.

Yup, still happening. Those will be posted on the first day of the month, per usual. (okay, at least close to the first day. #momlife)

Easy access to questions about photography.

To make this even easier, every Tuesday a Q&A will be posted. Post your questions here and on Wednesday I'll answer your questions either with a new post or via live stories. Psst, live stories last 24 hours, so make sure to catch it in time!

Picking a monthly winner.

So this will change...but for the better! Now open accounts on IG can post their images with #momentseekingmoms in the posts or comments and we can all see that way! I'll pick group images throughout the month to be featured on the MomentSeekingMoms IG account!

Don't want to be featured? No worries, just put #j4mp (just for me please!) That way I'll know not to share, but other Moment Seeking Moms will have the chance to see your capture!

More tips & personal stories.

Those of you on IG, have you seen the live stories? I seriously love them. It's raw and real. Instead of making, editing, and uploading video tutorials, I can just show you as it is. I can share more about my crazy, fun, wild life with kiddos and how I incorporate photographing their stories. It'll likely be 

chaotic...but what's not to love about that?

Non-locals are welcome.

Since Instagram is open to everyone, MomentSeekingMoms can be followed by anyone! Take the knowledge, tips, and encouragement and just capture your own images and keep them private! No need to share publicly, unless you want! Tag friends and family members that could benefit from learning to document their days! MSM is for every mom!

Ugh. But I hate change.

Girl, tell me about it. We all need one.more.thing, right? Yeah, I know.  But I'm confident that those who are willing to make the transition will find it worth it. There will be more content, more tips, and more realness. I hope you hop on over with us.

Whatcha got against Facebook?

So I was listening to a podcast recently that said:

"It used to be that we would take a break from our life in order to engage technology. Increasingly, it feels like we're taking a break from technology to engage life."

I've found IG isn't a personal time suck in comparison. I'm sure you understand the rest.

Want to hear a great podcast about technology and parenthood? Listen here. These 40 minutes might just change your life.