Birth / Baby D / Roanoke Birth Photographer

This birth landed on my calendar toward the end of her pregnancy. We still had time to meet and chat...but before long, it was baby time. 

I just love getting the call. The call that things are really happening. And they're happening now. Being a birth photographer in Roanoke is a constant rush of excitement!

I hopped in the car and rushed right in to meet a beautiful, laboring mama and her rockin' birth team. She had her attentive hubby, hard-core Floyd based doula, and sweet sister.

Music was softly playing, lights were dimmed and the whole energy of the room was so relaxed and focused.

Hours creeped by and this hard workin' mama just kept breathing and preparing to meet her little lovebug.


A beautiful birth.

A beautiful baby.

A beautiful family.


Watch the power, the commitment and the love in their video below.