Who Are We? / Roanoke, Virginia Photographer

Howdy! I'm Beth! Wait, you knew that? Well...let me tell you a little more about me and my family. Not only am I a Roanoke, Virginia photographer... 

Elizabeth Farnsworth Photography - Roanoke VA Photographer


I've been a photographer since high school. I've always had a passion for photography that only boomed after having kiddos. They're always -SO- willing to be my models. Right? Yeah...I didn't believe me, either. They do put up with me, though!

We're a Jesus lovin', homeschooling family. We spend our days playing outside, reading books, quizzing each other with math riddles and hanging out. God sure blessed me with some wonderful kiddos. 

We love to travel. Our favorite place to be is at the beach or in the mountains!

All of our family lives in the corners of the United States... from Maine, to Florida, to Oregon and California.  

We are lucky enough to be able to see some of the most beautiful parts of America when we visit!

We've lived in many different places...but we sure do love where we are now. These Blue Ridge Mountains hold my heart and Roanoke, VA holds my family. 

My hubby, Matt, is my big lug! Despite working a full time job, he comes home and helps run our online Etsy Shop, Smile Sunshine Designs. If you've ever sent an email, you've probably talked with him! He also does all of the packaging and mailing. Boy, I sure am lucky. 

He also wiggles his schedule to give me the opportunity to follow my true passion, photography. Always sacrificing. <3 

Another huge passion of mine is babywearing. Above is just a *glimpse* of my personal Instagram feed. Years of babywearing selfies flood my pages and my soul. 

The connection. The bond. The snuggles

Babywearing just brings me joy. When we moved back to Virginia in 2012, we had our 3rd kiddo a month later. A couple months later, when life started to settle down and sanity started to return (slightly, still waiting...) I decided I needed to find my tribe. That's when I started the local babywearing group, Roanoke Babywearers.

For months after it's birth, the local babywearing group had just a handful of members. A few crunchy Moms who had similar passions to mine, and several who had only ever seen an Ergo or Bjorn. Almost 4 years later and our group has bi weekly meetings, 4 awesome admins and almost 1000 members on our Facebook group! 



For fun...

I'll end with 5 facts about me.

1.)  My favorite fruit is a banana. They're like vanilla ice cream. Not much pizazz, but always a pleaser.

2.) I grew up in California and moved to Virginia for college. I always planned on going home...until I realized this was my home.

3.) I always knew I wanted to be married by 21 and have 8 kids. I was married at 19 and already have 4...with an open heart for however many God will bless us with!

4.) I am a bit obsessed with flowers. Planters full of flowers, mason jars all over with flowers, flower clothes, fake flowers, flower art...I'd probably even put flower wall paper up if my husband wouldn't flip! Something about their individual, unique beauty. They spark serious joy!

5.) I'm basically a mood ring. My favorite color changes every single day and is usually based on my mood. Some days, good ol' purple wins. Other days, I start to lean toward Orange or Yellow! My kids now just color things "rainbows" because I can never be specific. :)