Fresh 48

What is a Fresh 48 session?

A fresh 48 session is a 1-2 hour taken place where your little one greeted the world. I will come to your home, birthing center or hospital and capture those new, little details within 48 hours of birth. The flaky skin, Mom & Dad's fancy wrist bands, the room where your new family member was first welcomed. Your first family picture is awaiting.

Can I do a Fresh 48 without a birth session?

Absolutely! You can have one or both. 

How many images will I receive?

I will capture over 50 images of your new family.

When should I book you?

As soon as possible! Only 4 - 6 births are scheduled for each month. You want to make sure to secure your spot before we are filled.

Do I receive digitals?

While I do offer digital only packages, the Fresh 48 session includes time and talent of the photographer and a $50 credit toward prints. Print packages begin at $400 and a la carte pieces begin at $35.