The Trailer


  • Session planning via email, Skype or in person prior to day
  • Up to four hours in your home or at an agreed upon location. Capturing the love, the connection & the heart.
  • A short family film creatively pieced together with licensed music that artfully brings the beauty of your day to day to life.

The Feature


  • In Person Consultation to plan the details of your day!
  • Up to 12 hours. From morning snuggles to bed time cuddles, I will document your day. During this session, we'll take our time. I'll observe your life and artistically document your whole day. I'll find beauty where you find mundane. I'm going to study your family and capture the art that constantly flashes throughout your day. These won't be copied from Pinterest or be like everyone else's portraits. These will be real. These will be authentic. These will be the memories that your children will be sharing with their own children.
  • A short family film creatively pieced together with licensed music that artfully brings the beauty of your day to day to life.
  • A custom designed album including your favorite 30 images photographed during the session.


What To Expect

When you book your film, you'll receive a questionnaire via email. I recommend taking a day to think of over the answers! This will help the both of us come up with some perfect activities to plan during your session! I always have tons of ideas, too, of course! We want to capture your family as it truly is. The beauty, the chaos, the love, the connections, and everything in between. I'll come prepared to capture as we planned....or to totally drop it all and go with the flow.

With toddlers, sometimes, their plans are not our plans. And that's ok. The best part of documentary photography is that it's relaxed. You don't need to plan special outfits. You don't need to hire a cleaning lady the day before. You don't need to bribe your kids with ALLTHECANDY in exchange for fake cheesy smiles that you don't really love. 

You'll play, cuddle, laugh, tickle, snuggle, chat, whisper...and anything else you typically do. And I will artfully capture the essence of your family. 

I will bottle up this moment in your family's story and show you what is so easy to miss when you're in the moment. I will be the fly on the wall as your story unfolds.

Within two to three weeks of your session, your film will be created and any images will be ready. This is the best part.

You'll see the beauty of your story. You'll see you the way your children do. You'll see the moments they'll be sharing with their children one day.