What is involved with a documentary session?

My goal is to capture relationships, connections and emotions. I don't want everyone stiff and uncomfortable! Let's have fun and document everyone as they are today. You'll never regret having too many will always regret not having enough. You'll receive heirloom quality images that you can treasure for years to come! Whether it's maternity, couples or families, I will document the true you.

How many images will I be able to view?

An outdoor session will usually yield 50-75 images to be viewed at your Reveal and Order meeting. This meeting is held 2-3 weeks after your session.

When should I book you?

We recommend booking sessions one month out, minimum. We sometimes have cancellations and are available sooner, so do contact via our email: or in the Contact form here.

What should we wear? 

I've created a Pinterest board with clothing suggestions here. Coordinating or contrasting colors are always timeless, but try not to make it something you wouldn't wear on a regular basis. If you feel uncomfortable, the images will feel uncomfortable. If you need more suggestions, just chat with me! For a truly authentic documentary session, I suggest just wearing what you do on the day to day! That's you and your family...and it's real. Those are the memories that should be captured!