Breastfeeding Around Roanoke





BREAST is joining forces with Elizabeth Farnsworth Photography to document breastfeeding around Roanoke!


We're looking for Moms and Dads that want to team up with us to capture authentic imagery that tells the story of breastfeeding moms in our area.


The initial photoshoot will be on September 12th at various times through out the day at various locations.

Some POssible Locations Include:

Mr. Tarpley’s


Green Goat

Greenway Bench


Family's Home
Comfy Chair

Pumping at home

Nursing in Bed


Back Seat of a Car

Pumping While Driving

Crystal Springs
Viva La Cupcake

Fork in the Alley

Crystal Springs Baptist Church

Roanoke Star

Parkway Overlook

Sweet Donkey

Valley View

Valley View Mall Play Area

Chick Fil A

Kids Square

Roanoke Farmers Market

Downtown Library

Clothing Suggestions

While trying to maintain the authenticity of each family, it's important to wear what you feel most comfortable in. I know, as moms, that often means yesterday's yoga pants and whatever shirt we found in the clean pile. So if you're stressing about what to wear, check out my Pinterest Board with clothing suggestions for photography. I encourage neutrals, lots of layers, great textures, and making sure you avoid clothing with wording or busy images. We want to make sure we can share these images freely, so solids or soft prints are perfect!

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