Birth Photography

What is birth photography?

Birth photography is allowing me to tell your story. Capturing the firsts of it all. Birth photography documents the first cries, first kisses and the first glimpses. As magnificent as birth is, Mom will be so focused on delivering & Dad will be overwhelmed with his awaiting arrival that it's easy to let those invaluable details be missed and forgotten. As your photographer, I can document you first "hello" and your last "just us".

Birth photography isn't gross and doesn't need to be graphic. It can be tasteful, modest and still capture the deep connections of birth. The true beauty of birth photography is the emotions. Sure, some parents request that "crowning shot" but most don't. What I promise is integrity and intimacy.

Elizabeth Farnsworth Photography is a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.

I like the idea of birth photography, but I'm concerned about keeping my body private.

Absolutely! Birth photography is about capturing emotion. My goal is to document your transition to motherhood with dignity, modesty and intimacy. Some clients prefer to have the entire birth fully document from all angles. Most clients are entirely content with capturing alongside Mom's head, offering the entire birth story without an inch of immodesty. My goal is to deliver your birth images within your limits.

When do I call you? 

I ask that you send a text when labor starts to show signs. Even if it ends up fizzing out, no problem! That's normal! A text when labor starts, when water breaks, when you decide to head to the hospital, birth center or call the midwife! I will join you when you reach active labor (4-6cm, depending on specific circumstances).

What if you miss the birth or my baby arrives prematurely?

In the rare case that I am unable to arrive to the hospital in time due to my unavailability, I will offer a Fresh 48 session and the difference will be available for use toward print credits. If the birth is missed because of a fast delivery, I will come and photograph the first few hours after birth.

What do you do during birth?

Because each family, labor and birth is different, I will always do my best to remain a silent observant in the shadows. My goal is to do my job without any distractions to the natural flow of labor and birth. I'll always lend an open ear and calm spirit when invited, but will tend to have an implicit cheer from the sides. I work hard to preserve the birth environment.

How do you handle it if I decide I don't want you in the labor room for a period of time?

I get it. Labor can be tough. It's exhausting, exhilarating, overwhelming and exciting. I understand the need for some time with your partner, midwife, doctor or just yourself. I am there to offer my services however they'll best suit you and your situation. Taking a break is not a problem. Honesty is necessary and welcomed!

How long will you be at the birth?

My services include labor, birth and an hour or two after birth. Labors often go at different rates, and it is entirely normal for a labor to stall. It's possible I will join you, but in the event of a stall in labor, may take a break and join you again when labor picks up again.

How about scheduled c-sections?

Absolutely! Make sure to check with your doctor on the hospitals limit of guests in the operating room. Some doctors prefer just one person (your partner) and others are willing to have a silent by stander, such as your photographer, and your partner.

Do you use a flash?

Sometimes! I may use a flash if absolutely necessary, though, I have years of experience working in low light situations. If, for any reason, the flash is not wanted, that is no problem! Just give the word and it'll be tucked away! This is YOUR birth!

How many images do I receive?

I will capture over 100 artistic, hand crafted images and many different pieces of film from your entire labor & birth experience. The package chosen can include a video, a custom designed album, and/or heirloom prints + a usb depending on the level of experience chosen after birth.

When should I book you?

As soon as possible! Only 2 births are scheduled for each month. I won't chance overlapping births, so tend to fill up quickly. Make sure you book your due date month before it's filled!

Will you post all of my images online?

I am careful to choose images filled with emotion and intimacy, while maintaining privacy and modesty for all. I will ask permission before the use of any specific images.

Will my images be in color or black and white?

My photography style is definitely focused on light and color. Some images may best be shown in black and white, to hide some of the natural fluids that are a part of birth. Though, the majority of the images will be in color that boost emotion and intimacy.

How far will you travel?

I offer my services for areas within 20 miles of Roanoke. I would be happy to travel, but there will be a traveling fee required, plus possible expenses such as lodging, if necessary. Please chat with me for more information.



Providers I've Worked With

Lewis Gale Medical Center

Roanoke Memorial Regional Hospital

Virginia Baptist Hospital

Breath Of Life Midwifery